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Infrared saunas are the safe, effective, and affordable way to relieve stress and improve health, right in the comfort of your own home. Our saunas utilize the latest in infrared heat technology, and fit into virtually any room. They're built to last and come with everything you need. Infrared saunas are not your "Grandpa's saunas"! 

The older, traditional saunas created a hostile breathing environment, making it difficult to tolerate for the 30-minute session needed for optimal benefits.  Infrared safely heats your skin instead of the air inside of the sauna, so even people with respiratory issues can safely use them.

Infrared saunas are more affordable than traditional saunas, and cost pennies to operate.  All of our saunas operate on a safe 110/15 amp or 20 amp power supply and are extremely energy efficient, costing about 15 cents an hour to operate.

You'll be amazed at the extensive health benefits that come from owning your own infrared sauna. Please visit our Health Benefits page to learn more.

There are numerous sauna suppliers on the Internet. and you may be able to find a sauna that costs less than ours.  However, saunas can look alike all over the web, so make sure you are getting quality, a good price, AND a company you can contact with questions.  See our Products page for a checklist of features you want to make sure your infrared sauna offers. When you call Sauna Wellness Solutions, you speak with a company principal, not a call center.  Our commitment to our customers is to provide a quality product, at a fair price, backed by outstanding customer service.
When shopping for a sauna, also be sure to look closely at the type of heaters it contains. Sauna Wellness Solutions recommends only carbon fiber heaters, for optimal comfort, quality and the benefit of floor heaters. For more information on the advantages of carbon heaters, click here.

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Sauna Wellness Solutions proudly supports our troops and those that have served our country.  Ask about our military discount!